I too like a couple of posters have found usually after the third day of abstinence my confidence goes up and girls are more attracted to me without even trying, I have found it very difficult with the internet and porn being so accessible, its an easy route but not a real experience. I am reading a book called rewire the brain, he says you have to get in a routine of changing the way you are and keep this going, its very easy for weeks, months or years to go by. I have written a list from the comments on your blog of the positive and negatives, one thing a few people may have like me is high testosterone, I can get over aggressive after abstinence so this is something I have to work on and be constantly aware of, not fighting just generally over confident.

Thanks to all who have posted, its nice to know your not alone.

phuc head May 23, 2012 at 2:35 pm

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