GirlyGirl?: The kind of love that keeps people together is often a mutually altruistic one, the kind where you sacrifice for one another. common interests and family values hold us together. He knows me like no other person in this world, and has become for me a spiritual, intellectual and emotional leader.

Rather, it was holding out for an imperfect person I felt my heart and mind could love perfectly over a long period of time.

Lovely, so many insights. I wonder what you think of the concept put forth here:

I love this blog for the discourse between us — I think of it as an attempt to figure out things through the collective insights, perspectives and wisdoms rather than a didactic exercise. We’re all so vastly different and each with our strengths/weaknesses.

Keith: The fact that people misuse concepts to rationalize this or that pre-existing belief is simply a universal, because that’s what a lot of people do. This emotive concept receives particular spectacular abuse. I’m not sure how it could be proven, but I bet that increasing usage of words like ‘soulmate’ out of a relationship is correlated to women prone to tempestuousness and also relationships that are incompatible: their values are not in alignment but their lust for each other is.

The more responsibility she takes upon herself to be a loving, practical and loyal woman rather than place the burden of blame of her own behaviour and feelings on external factors, the better the relationship turns out.

Speaking of quibbling generalisations:

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