Hello friends. I want to share my problem and the solution that I found. If you have just created your Twitter aacount, you will face the fact that in order for posts to be included in the recommendations, you need to have a lot of followers. I found an excellent service that helped me solve this problem. If you are new to social media promotion, I recommend using this service:

そして、私はツイッターのフォロワーを購入していません。私はいつもクールなコンテンツを投稿しているので、私のプロフィールには多くのフォロワーがいます。 このサイトからツイッターのいいねを購入するだけです

If you recently registered with tiktok in order to shoot a video or blog, you will surely face the fact that in order for your videos to be seen by as many people as possible, you need to get them to the top, and for this you must have a lot of likes on your videos. I think many people want to quickly deal with this misunderstanding. I recommend to all beginner tiktok bloggers to use in order not to be expensive, and most importantly, very quickly to wind up the number of likes and bring the account to the top.

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