Oh Hun, that is sad and as an involved person in the NCT all I can do is apologise. I do know exactly where you are coming from, I had a very simular experience myself with a group of european ladies. I was the only English girl in a group of germans, swedish, dutch and americans. Although they were all speaking English to each other they obviously had a stronger group relationship than me. I did try and remember all the babies names (most of them i found hard to pronouce let alone spell)I felt very uncomfortable as they were all talking about each others partners and events that had happened in the past that I hadnt been invited to. They were all friends through their antenatal classes but i joined after Megan was born so although our kids were the same age I obviously wasnt in with the group. I even invited them all to a picnic but none turned up. I eventually gave up trying, I do meet them occasionally through another NCT mum I have formed a better relationship with. I ha

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