Time to First Response - firstly, the time that it takes to respond to a request for a service. It's important to know how long it's going to take for the service to be delivered when it's requested. Time to Resolution - how long it will take for a problem to be solved or a service to be provided once it has been flagged up. People want to know how quickly solutions to problems can be offered so that they won't be left in the cold. Time Waiting for Support - how long will the customer need to wait for the support that they have requested? Is the support that they need able to reach them quickly so that the work can be carried out as soon as possible? Time Waiting for 3rd Party - if anything needs to be escalated to a third party, how long will the customer have to wait? Sometimes, a problem needs a third party to help with the support. When this happens, customers want reassurance that they won't be made to wait too long. Up time Guarantee - what reassurance does the customer get about how much up time they can expect? Reliability is essential, so it's important to know how much downtime could be expected. Environmental Conditions - what are the environmental conditions of the service provider's premises (for example, a data center's location)? This can be especially important for any services that involve holding the customer's own equipment.

More Info:service based sla

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