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I dated a man for over a year, thought we had something good. Told me that he had never had so much fun with someone, he was first to say the "I love you" followed by "I hope you feel the same (which I did) because you are stuck with me, I am not going anywhere!" Then he had some personal family issues arise and told me that he needed to take care of them and that they had totally "screwed up" his head and said he needed time to get them sorted out. About a month after this, my friend and I saw him with another woman, so I figured that he was just giving me a line. But about a month after seeing him (we had not spoken in three months) he text me and asked if we could talk, so I agreed. He told me that "yes" I did take another woman out, but it was a "one time thing" and I didn't feel anything at all. I am so sorry that you saw me out like that, and that it hurt you. So, we started to date again (not back in relationship) and I would hear from him on a regular basis. In October, we went out, had dinner and a great time, he came back to my place, asked me to set an alarm so he could get up in the morning to go to work, but when the alarm went off, he was gone! I texted him and asked him what that was all about and he said that he could not sleep so he left and didn't want to wake me, but was going to text me in the morning. I have not heard another word from him since that day, its been almost three months again. He did tell me when we were together that his head was all screwed up over the personal issues. My gut tells me it will be just a matter of time before he contacts me again, I have not tried to contact him since that morning, I felt that if he really wanted me in his life, then he needed to be the one to make that move, I will not chase after anyone! What am I supposed to think? Should I believe that he is going through a rough time personally and just needs space or should I believe what everyone is telling me, that he is just using me. (He did share with me what his personal issues were and yes, they are serious, and and has asked me not to say anything to anyone. I know that what he told me is fact because he showed me documents to back it up. I really do care for him, I do love him, and I cannot understand if he loves me like he said he did, why this??

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