Of course this brings on the next topic. What’s your skeet type? I’m a 50/50 skeeter. I mean sometimes I’m too lazy to reach down and “grab N skeet”. Other times I get visually turned on by tigg or ass movement, then I have a Pavlovian response where my eyes roll back in my head and I scream, “hot damn I’ve got to paint these walls….” But that’s just me. I have a very hairy friend whose name starts with R who a professional projectile skeet shooter. He’s got it down to a science and is in the process of coining the term PCS (Pinch, cork, and skeet). Through a series of scientific study, charts and graphs and shit. He’s figured out that at the moment right before ejaculations if a male pinches his balls, puts his thumb over the pee hole creating a cork effect, followed by a pump action. The skeet velocity and distance will be up to three times as great as a non PCS shooter.

Maybe it might be helpful to see what the ladies think about the skeet? For instance is it frowned upon for a guy to skeet on the first date/ night you hook up? Are there regions that are universally frowned upon by women as skeet regions… like the armpit? As a whole do most women even like the skeet? Are women as impressed by skeet distance as us males. I’m totally against skeet announcement, I prefer just to make it rain. I like skeeting on articles of clothing, I call it the Lewinsky effect. But in a way it’s marking my territory and I kind of get turned on when I see the girl wearing the same article of clothing again. VK was here.. and here… and little back there

For some reason to me not every woman is the skeet type. This is one of the things that run through my mind when checking out females on a daily basis. I know it’s wrong of me, but even at Whole Foods check out, I look at the mother holding her new born and I think, “yeah she looks like she could take some skeet”. Obviously she didn’t 9 months ago. There’s a correlation between the sluttier types that I go for that like the skeet and “the good girls” who’d say something like “ewww gross not in my hair”. My only advice to girls when it comes to the skeet is when you ask for it, really fake or act like you want it. There’s nothing worse than a weak sauce skeet beg. You’ve got to be enthusiastic about it, like Bree Olson…

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