OK, so I've been laying on my ass all day recovering from last night, but since there have been so many hits on the blog today (outside of facebook), I feel it necessary to at least post some kind of update:

As I've said before, I've never been the best opener with women, but once I get them, I have them hooked. This video is very reflective of my personality with women, right down to the part where the guy says that he refuses to have sex with them. Yes, I do have sex with women, but often times, I only do it with women that I know I'll never see again.

Why did I decide to post this? I just recently found out that one of the girls I slept with a few months back is a stripper. If you've been keeping up, then you know that she makes stripper number two within the last year. And just last night, I pulled a girl that just happened to have posed in Hustler magazine. What's starting to happen, is that I'm noticing a trend in the types of women that fall hard for me.

The women that are coming after me tend to be your strippers, call girls, or the coke addicted girls that you guys fawn over, which is very similar to the types of women these guys in this film attract. I've never been to a strip club in my life, never paid for a prostitute or call girl, and I don't hang around the coke crowd, yet these women tend to find me.

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