Electronic Logging Device Solution for the Logistics Industry

Back in the day, a truck driver had to do much paperwork along with driving. Truckers had to manage paper logbooks to record their daily activity, including shift hours, break times, driven miles, fuel consumption, and more. Not only was this process counterproductive and tedious, but it was also prone to human errors. And these mistakes invited high CSA scores and penalties.

electronic-logging-device-solution In 2017-2018, FMCSA ruled out the ELD mandate that obliged commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) to have certified electronic logging devices (ELDs). But besides being compliant with HOS and RODS rules, electronic logbooks for truck drivers offer numerous benefits like streamlined operations and reduced costs.

So, let’s understand the concept first – what is an ELD solution, why is it so crucial for trucking companies, and how can you develop one for your business?

What is an ELD? An electronic logging device (ELD or e-log) is an electronic machine attached to the engine of a commercial motor vehicle to record driving hours. Unlike the hours of service (HOS) in the United States and as Drivers’ working hours in Europe, different guidelines regulate the driving hours of commercial drivers. An ELD monitors a vehicle’s engine to track and capture data regarding whether the engine is running, the vehicle is moving, driven miles, and the like.

Back in the day, trucking companies used paper logs or electronic onboard recorders (EOBR) to track service hours. However, despite being accurate in terms of data, the EOBR-style log lacked a consistent data format and required regeneration on an equivalent paper format for examination and utilization. Electronic logbooks for truck drivers resolve this problem by providing real-time, accurate, and enforceable hours-of-service data.

Why is an ELD Essential for Your Trucking Business? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates to record all driving hours using an ELD. But besides compliance, ELDs can be conducive to your trucking business in the following ways:

Reduced administrative burden ELDs automatically track and record vehicles’ movement, eliminating manual paperwork and administrative onus. With ELDs, you don’t need to bother about manually logging hours of service. You can, therefore, save time, cost, and efforts you would have otherwise spent doing administrative work. Read More:

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