It’s critical we understand male psychology, tempered with the knowledge that while there are many commonalities, no two men are the same (that’s another component of Girl Game: understanding your man). I realise it can be quite insulting by the very nature of it to begin to explore ideas about this. But without your honest input, how’re we supposed to fix our beliefs or assumptions if they indeed are hugely mistaken?

DA: Firstly, thank you for commenting. Secondly, I won’t tolerate your trolling as you do on other websites. Your ‘Reasons To Avoid Relationships/Women’ series counts as such. In future, such comments on my posts will be deleted. This doesn’t include the other girls’s posts to be clear; they are free to do what they wish. I’m sure you make valid points, if you would change your phraseology.

aoefe: Isn’t evoking jealousy a critical tool in PUA Game? I was actually surprised by the figure: why don’t men do it more often? It seems to work much better for them.

Pupu: you seemed to have summed up the matter! Lemon zest indeed. I’m glad you enjoyed the video ;)

Hux: Would she choose to make him jealous if his Game is tight? For what purpose?

aoefe PERMALINK September 28, 2009 2:34 pm Isn’t evoking jealousy a critical tool in PUA Game?

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