Why is 5g so fast??

Internet is been widely used by people all over the world while browsing people expect that the data must be loaded as fast as possible. usually, when you enter the query the network will pick the request and fetch the results the entire process shall take 20 milliseconds with the current network, Here comes the picture of 5G which takes only 1 millisecond for the entire operation to be performed. Let us discuss what made 5G the fastest network:

One of the important features is low latency, i.e it reduces the response time. Eg: When you search or click on any link or any video, these actions send a request to the network, then the network delivers the video or the content or the information you are looking for, this time taken by the network to fetch the information is minimized, which is termed as low latency. This helps in rapid responsiveness. Through 5G this time is pulled down to 1 millisecond, 5G is all about speed: https://www.fieldengineer.com/blogs/mwc-5g-fernando-alonso-speed

The capacity of data transmission depends on the bandwidth , the higher the bandwidth higher shall be the data rates, it operates at the bandwidth ranging from 100MHz to 400 MHz and at times it can be up to 2 GHz. It requires higher frequencies range of millimeter waves and Sub 6 GHz. It supports higher modulation i.e 256 QAM, which enables to transfer more information. It uses the spectrum below 6 HZ than millimeter waves because frequency below 6 GHz is easy to deploy the network and enhance the existing networks. If you are keen on getting the detailed information about the range of frequencies it operates kindly go through the link: https://www.rfpage.com/what-are-5g-frequency-bands/

Article Source: https://bit.ly/30NEPFh

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